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A leading Manpower Company in Abu Dhabi

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    Our nannies are well trained to give your kids the best start in life. We are certain that they will add sense of humor and fun to the daily activities of your kids.

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    Car Drivers

    Each year, we place hundreds of drivers into perm jobs, brought to you from a network of 15 members associated companies extended in respective countries.

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    Our highly qualified housekeeping staff are always keen to deliver reliable and high standard services and keep your area bright and shining clean!

Manpower Agency in Abu Dhabi

Manpower Agency in Abu Dhabi

Best Manpower Recruitment Agency in Abu Dhabi

We are moving toward a bright future with you!

Committing to providing exceptional customer service, highly-qualified staff and competitive market pricing. We will continue to work closely with our customers to ensure that all their needs are accurately fulfilled and to achieve high level of satisfaction.

We offer series of advanced services in different categories, Housemaid, Masons, Carpenters, Bench/Pipe fitter, Electricians, Painters, Drivers, Supervisors, Engineers, Technicians and much more!

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One of the Leading Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Abu Dhabi

About Al-Taissir Manpower Services

Providing Professional Recruitment Services Across Different Industries

With the comprehensive range of the recruitment services that we offer, highly experienced and devoted staff, a network of 15 members associated companies and 12 training schools, management extended in the respective countries like: Pakistan, Nepal, Mauritania, India, Uganda, Kenya, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Morocco, Al Taissir Manpower preserves highest standards of competence, integrity, expertise and knowledge.

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